Equipment display


Equipment display


  • Has a professional technical research team
  • The company's products are all audited using international
  • Gas wall-hung boiler, electric wall-hung boiler
  • With "green, energy saving, environmental protection

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    Chuzhou Yangzi Thermal Energy Equipment Technology Co., Ltd. is a backbone technology enterprise under the China Yangtze Group. It is headquartered in Lai'an Economic and Technological Development Zone, Wuzhou City, Anhui Province. The company is based on the development of environmental protection, energy conservation and new energy industries. It is a research and development, manufacturing and sales company. The import and export business is a diversified technology-based enterprise. The company's leading prod...
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24-hour service hotline:400-0550-393 Telephone:0550-5683858
Address:No. 3 Yingbin Avenue, Lai'an Economic Development Zone, Zhangzhou City
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